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New Psion Series 5 Software

Psion have released the EasyFax software promised at launch for the Series 5. This allows you to send and receive faxes, but the current version (1.01f) has a couple of bugs that are declared on the Psion Web site. EasyFax is a free download. One down: now the email, web browser and GSM stacks still to go.

As expected, a number of shareware applications are now available for the Series 5, ported over from the Series 3. This has been delayed because the SDK has been late to arrive. Take a look at Steve Lichfield's 3-lib web pages for details of his Mapper program and some games, or look at the Softbase Series 5 collection of links.

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Contacts mentioned in this month's column:

Cases: http://www.nwnet.co.uk/i2i/
Psion: http://www.psion.com
Psion Series 5 EasyFax: http://www.psion.com/series5/s5easyfax.html
3 Lib Series 5 Page: http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/series5.htm
Softbase: http://www.softbase.co.uk/psion/
Hewlett-Packard: http://hpcc920.external.hp.com/handheld/palmtops/hp300lx/300lxhome.html
Nokia 9000 new PC Contact Manager & PC Connectivity Software (2.4): http://www.club.nokia.com/mobile_office/9000/soft/contaman/contaman.html


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