Surefall Druid

Surefall Druid

6 November 2002

A Guide for Starting a Druid in Surefall Glades

This is a guide based on my experiences as a druid, and running several different characters all started in the Qeynos area. It was first written to help someone else start a druid who was unfamiliar with Qeynos. My general philosophy in playing Everquest is to play the character for all its virtues as they truly belong to it - which means that I keep twinking to a practical minimum, and make use of the newbie area and quests intended for the race/class combination. For a human druid, that means Surefall Glades. I feel saddened when I see Vah Shir characters, or trolls and ogres, being levelled in Greater Faydark; more because it implies that the player has no real understanding of the characters being played than just because of the role playing incongruity. I accept that in Everquest, very often the equipment plays a significant part in defining the usefulness of a particular character; more so for melee characters, where weapons and armor have as much a part to play as the players own skill or stats. But if possible, and this is the case with druids, I prefer to equip the character with items that they could make or hunt for themselves - which doesn't mean to say that I won't buy them! So this guide covers playing a human or half-elf druid starting in Qeynos, making use of local quests, and keeping to outdoor zones as much as possible so as to not lose the advantages that druids have against animals in the open.

A Jumble of Notes...

More Training

Later skills that will need training are:

  • 15 - dodge
  • 20 - track

And the caster specialisation skills at 30. Druids should choose either alteration (buffs and healing) or evocation (nukes and some dots). The main dots are under conjuration, but this isn't really a good choice for druids.

Paul Lynch

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