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Palm IIIe

When the Palm IIIx and Palm V models were launched, with substantially improved screens, users of older models like myself were stricken with severe techno-lust for the much greater clarity of the new models. In hindsight, it was interesting that the IIIx and V were in no way direct replacements for the plain ordinary Palm III, as the IIIx was pitched by 3com at serious enterprise users with massive memory requirements, and the V was the target of the "naked ballet dancer" ad, so obviously pitched at heterosexual art directors.

So the arrival of the Palm IIIe should be no surprise to anyone. It has 2 Mb RAM, and uses the same display technology as the IIIx/V (and VII). There may be other changes, but they aren't apparent. This was shipping in the USA in July at $229, and in the UK not long after. The Palm III can still be found for a reduced price, but given the wonderful display on the IIIe, I can't recommend it - get a Palm IIIe, IIIx or V instead.


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Last updated: March 30, 1999

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