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IR - vCard/vCal Series 5mx to Palm

Last month I mentioned that it might be possible to beam appointments and contacts between the Series 5mx Agenda and Contacts applications and a Palm, but at the time I didn't have access to a 5mx to verify this. I can confirm that this works like a dream, but that it doesn't work with any Windows CE machines. However, it effectively only works with single records, as the 5mx can't select multiple records in Contacts or Agenda. From a Palm it is possible to beam an entire category of Address records, but not a single one without a little trickery. I have created an extra category for Address called "Beam". When I want to beam a single record, I change its category to Beam, then send the category to my Series 5mx. I always change it back afterwards, so that I don't inadvertently send more than I intended. This takes 10 clicks to send a single record (and then 5 to reset the category afterwards), as against 4 on the Series 5mx. To send your own personal card from the Palm is a lot simpler, of course (only 3 clicks). For appointments it is simpler, but be aware that the version of DateBk3 that I use (3.0p) doesn't have the capability of beaming records, unlike the standard Date Book application.

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