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PsiWin 2.2

PsiWin 2.2 is the lastest version of PsiWin, but, unlike 2.1, was never made generally available by Psion for free downloads. Instead it is only available as a paid for product in the shops, mainly intended to be used with the Series 3mx. If you have been disappointed by this, then you shouldn't be. 2.2 has some useful upgrades, especially in the area of automatic file conversions, but it also has some big disadvantages. Most significant of these is that it makes most users unable to connect reliably to their Series 5, which should be enough to put anyone off. The symptoms are that, for an infra-red connection, the IR taskbar utility shows a "Symbian EPOC" device connected, but the Psion connection never starts. It seems that many other users have experienced exactly this problem. I have found that using Control-L from the System screen on the Series 5 to disable the connection and then immediately re-enable it will usually result in a working connection. However, with my system this isn't particularly reliable, and will frequently lose the connection in mid-transfer. I can't be sure if this is a problem with PsiWin 2.2, in all fairness, or with the laptop I use for this, a Sharp A-150 running Windows 98. I have had a number of problems with the Sharp, which is a slim-line laptop not dissimilar to the Sony Vaio; mostly notably that Sharp in the UK refuse point blank to honour the warranty, because I bought it in the USA. If most other manufacturers have learnt that portable products are going to travel with their owners, then it's about time that Sharp wised up. Sony, Palm and other reputable manufacturers will honour a warranty regardless of origin, so why can't Sharp?

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Last updated: August 18, 1999

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