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Psion Software News

There have been a few useful new software releases in the Psion camp in the last few weeks; both Purple Software and Palmtop, the two main commercial publishers, have issued new products. In the case of Palmtop, these have been updates to Street Planner and Route Planner, including a Windows CE version of the latter, and a new freeware product, Datasafe. This is another application (there are several versions for Palm) intended to keep your "magic" numbers safe - credit card numbers, PINs, passwords, and anything else you don't want exposed. Purple have a multi-table relational database, Powerbase, which was actually released last year, but has an update due about now, and are publishing SimCity (yes, it even runs save games from a PC), which was ported by Atelier in France, and Notepad, from Pelican Software. Notepad has a long and illustrious history on the Series 3, and now has a Series 5 version. Purple have also been given half a million pounds of venture capital to expand their development for mobile communication devices.



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Last updated: August 18, 1999

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