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CE PowerToys for HPC Pro

Last month I was complaining about the lack of software for the HPC Pro, and especially for the ARM chip used in the Hewlett-Packard Jornada 820. The situation still sucks, but at least Microsoft have now released a new set of Power Toys for HPC Pro. It will only run on HPC Pro, not on Windows CE 1.0 or 2.0; and the programs in the old Power Toys bundle have been split into both a new Power Toys and a Plus! Pack.

The Power Toys 3.0 pack includes some old toys, and some new. The Business Card program and Sound Schemes will be familiar from before, and the network utilities (ping, hostname lookup and IP config checker) have been available separately before. Power Toys now includes a registry editor (at last!), a flight scheduler, Pocket Outlook schedule transfer utility, file association editor, and a file opener utility for the task bar.

The Plus! Pack also contains a mix of old and new utilities, including the familiar taskbar Mute, Pocket Paint, and background images. New tools include: Program Switcher, analagous to the old familiar Alt-Tab switcher from Windows desktops; a Resource Meter for the taskbar; a Squares game; word count; a specll check for the InBox outgoing messages; PIM Today; a sync tools for Internet Explorer favourites; and a utility to convert Pocket Word outlines to Pocket PowerPoint format. The spell check and word count utilities will be a blessed relief for many.


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Last updated: August 18, 1999

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