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Palm Computing have purchased Smartcode Software for $17.5 million; they will form a European development centre for Palm in Montpelier, France, where SmartCode were based. SmartCode bring a range of products for mobile communications with them, including HandWeb, HandMail, HandPhone and HandFax. A version of HandWeb and HandPhone is available for Windows CE. SmartCode have also been involved in developing embedded products for mobile phone manufacturers.

Atelier Software have produced a version of the classic PC game, SimCity, for Psion Series 5. It will be distributed in the UK by Purple Software for 49.95 GBP (inc VAT).

Microsoft have released a version of PowerToys for the palm-size PC edition of Windows CE. This includes some old favourites, including Paint and Mute, as well as some desktop sound schemes and wallpaper, and some more interesting programs specifically for the palm-size PC: a DTMF dialler that is integrated with Contacts, a personal business card beamer, and support for hyperlink on the active desktop. This last program lets you click on any appointment or task on the active desktop to open it in the appropriate Pocket Outlook application.

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Smartcode Software: http://www.smartcodesoft.com
Purple Software: http://www.purplesoft.com
PowerToys: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsce/downloads/pccompanions/ppc_powertoys.asp
IS/Complete: http://www.iscomplete.com
Pendragon: http://www.pendragon-software.com/
Puma Technology: http://www.pumatech.com/

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Last updated: March 30, 1999

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