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Street Planner

A London walk
A London walk

One of the best things about Psion's Series 5 is the Route Planner (formerly EnRoute), from Palmtop Software. I find it invaluable, with no direct equivalent on any PDA platform, and certainly better than current versions of AutoRoute on a laptop. The closest application to it is Microsoft's Pocket Streets: although Route Planner can calculate routes and Pocket Streets can't, at least Pocket Streets can show fine details and locations within a city.

Street Planner is a new application from Palmtop that is very like Route Planner, in that its raison d'etre is to calculate routes, but at the city level, rather than that of the network of roads between towns. It doesn't include specific overlays to mark restaurants and other points of interest, unlike Pocket Streets, but such overlays could be easily provided as an add-on package. In its route calculations it is aware of traffic restrictions such as one way streets.


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