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A Newspaper on your Pilot
A Newspaper on your Pilot

Innovations to Industry are a British company who produce a range of products for PalmPilots, and I reviewed their wrap case in an early column (PC Pro issue 37, November 1997; see http://www.plsys.co.uk/~paul/pda/ ). I2I have a new web site address, at http://www.i2iuk.com . One new feature on this site is a news gathering page; you choose news items, mainly from Yahoo/Reuters, for daily delivery by email, or download. The news stories are packaged as a Doc format file, so you can read it with AportisDoc (or any other Doc viewer, such as TealDoc). You still have to manually download the doc file to your Pilot, but with much less inconvenience than AvantGo. One minor criticism is that, for the entries created by the compiler, speeling clearly isn't his strong point.

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