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I reviewed the original REX models starting at the back end of last year, in PC Pro issues 40 (February '98) and 43 (May '98), after getting an advance demo from Starfish in the States. As a credit card sized PC Card device with an exceptionally clear display, and excellent synchronisation facilities, it was very attractive for portable data, especially using the memo application to contain more complex structured or freeform information. However, there was no way to enter data, not even to mark a To Do list item as done, or enter a new appointment. The REX Pro corrects this deficiency, by adding a new button to activate editing. The Edit function is context sensitive, and includes editable (on your PC) phrases that can be selected from a system of menus.

The size is unchanged, and the supplied carrying case is now genuine leather. Synchronisation is, of course, now two way.

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Last updated: November 3, 1998

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