The Allure of the Sirens

12 June 2002

For Enchanters 12 - 17

Others have already reported on the Siren isles in the Ocean of Tears, and I want to add my endorsement. These two spires on the path of the boat from Freeport to Butcherblock have three spawns for sirens, all level 13, and three for aqua goblins, of lower levels. This should give a yellow of experience every 30 minutes, all the way up to 17.

The sirens drop either under 1 gold plus a mermaid scale (which sell for 4 silver each, and I got around 2 stacks per level), or up to 5 gold. The scale is also used in a magician quest. They always con indifferent, and never aggro.

The goblins all drop a hunting bow and 4 arrows, plus small change; take the usual care with blue goblins to make sure that they don't aggro on you, especially given that there is so little room to maneuvre, and so that they don't run for help to their friends.

These can be hunted from 12 to 17, starting with the goblins, and moving on to the sirens at 13. After 17, the sirens turn light blue, and experience slows down.

For the sirens, use Tashan to pull, followed by Languid Pace or Choke, and melee with your pet then finish off with a nuke - Sanity Warp or Chaotic Feedback. If you don't use Tashan, they will resist the nuke about 50% of the time. The nuke is to cut down the fight time so that you can med more; the fight should be over in about 30 seconds, with less than 1 bubble of health and two of mana consumed at the higher levels; each siren will respawn in 6 to 7 minutes. To maximise experience, attack as soon as they spawn, and pace your kills and meditation time.

To make splitting up the two spawn of sirens on one island easier, I cast mez on one, then attack the other; this never failed, so it might be possible to pull normally just one siren from the group, despite their closeness.

When moving between the islands, just swim, there is nothing in the water, but stay on the rocks wherever possible, as this is faster than swimming. Also try not to fall; this won't do much damage, but will increase your downtime.

Paul Lynch

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Paul Lynch
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